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Muntz Brass: Sheet & Plate :: Custom Sheet Metal

Muntz Brass

  • Sheet: less than 3/16 inch thick and at least 24 inches wide.
  • Plate: at least 3/16 inch thick and over 10 inches wide.

Available in 11ga -20 ga thicknesses. The structure of the metal, containing 60% Copper and 40% Zinc, makes it is stronger, harder, and more rigid than other forms of brass. George Fredrick Muntz invented the copper zinc hybrid in 1832. This alloy is favored for ships, signage and architectural applications.  Muntz can be used almost in the place of copper.  It is often confused with brass.


Muntz Brushed


Muntz Mirror


  • Natural Satin, is a general-purpose bright polish that is the most popular choice for architectural applications.( Special Order)
  • Mirror is polished to a mirror quality and has no grit lines.
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