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Cleaning Stainless Steel


A Step-by-step Stainless Steel Cleaning Guide


  • Cleaner can be found at any home improvement store
  • Pick a cleaner that is affordable and easy to use
  • Remember: a little cleaner goes a long way!

At RD Herbert we prefer to clean the surface with Windex then Pledge to give it a clean, shiny finish.


  • Use a soft, lent-free cloth
  • DO NOT use paper towels!
  • Use 2 cloths: 1 to apply the cleaner and 1 to wipe away residue

WARNING: DO NOT use steel wool on (or near) your stainless steel. This will scratch the metal and cause surface rust.

  • Apply cleaner to desired surface
  • Wipe with the grain of the metal
  • Remember: wiping against the grain will cause the metal to dull

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. We have a team of stainless steel experts who are prepared to answer all your questions. Give us a call at 615-242-3501 or email us at info@rdherbert.com

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