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Roofing & Sheet Metal Highlights March 2012:: RD Herbert & Sons

We like to see what’s happening in our industry.  Here we pull together some new ideas, things people are talking about and what we’d like to see more of in the future.


  • What the Hail: This article seemed appropriate since our recent storms brought hail with them. This link has photos showing hail damage on a slate roof.
  • State of the Industry Report:Roofing Contractor asked a variety of industry insiders and other professionals to share their insights on key trends they’ve identified in the commercial and residential roofing markets and offer advice on the key problems facing contractors in the year ahead.”
  • A concern with fiberboard insulation:NRCA has received several reports of corrosion of metal components with low-slope membrane roof systems containing specific fiberboard insulation products. Because this issue presents possible roof system performance and worker safety issues, you should be aware of circumstances that may pose safety concerns and ways to identify whether fiberboard insulation is problematic.”

Architectural Sheet Metal

  • Stainless Skyline: “The Harbor Drive bridge is the second major pedestrian bridge in the United States to use a significant amount of stainless steel in its structure. The main cable uses 2205 duplex stainless steel from Outokumpu Inc., Itasca, Ill., to support the bridge deck with tension cables through the pipe and the heavy plate railing posts.”
  • Metal Roofing Magazines Top 10 Products of 2011: “Right here, we present, the Top 10 Products of 2011, as chosen by you, through your requests for info.”
  • Contractors Survey: “For the 31st year, Metal Construction News has turned to its readers for valuable information about the state of the industry. Our contractor readers worked through a year that was substantially similar to 2010, but hold higher hopes for 2012.”
  • Energy-Saving Roofs:“From all perspectives, metal roofing is looking up with its cool, energy-saving properties and long, cost-effective service life. Whether selected by way of building owner and architect preference,green building rating systems, or code requirements, metal roofing is providing more options than ever with its superior performance, style and color.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabricating

  • Big Hubless: “Plumber Bryan Stalcup fabricated the Big Hubless chopper completely from scratch using scrap yard finds. The bike, which won the 2010 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Garage Shop Fabricator Contest…”
  • Upping the Ante: “The Air Conditioning Contractors of America has given its 2012 conference and Indoor Air Expo the slogan “Raise the stakes.” Show organizers are hoping to give attendees something to talk about, as well as knowledge that will help them propel their companies above the fray.”
  • Sheet Metal welders urged to train: “To operate a vehicle legally on a U.S. roadway, a driver’s license is required, and it has to be earned with time logged on the road, a written test and a live skills test. In the sheet metal industry, welding is under similar scrutiny, with skills tests and certifications necessary for a welder to be qualified to work most jobs.”

Green Roofing & Waterproofing

  • ECO-Structure’s Top 10 Articles in 2011: This is an overview of the top most read stories from the last year.
  • USGBC Launches Green Building Products Database: “The USGBC, in conjunction with The Home Depot, has launched an online products database at that features products geared toward residential green building and that may contribute to points and prerequisites for the LEED for Homes program.”
  • The Hot 50 Products:“In this year’s Hot 50 list, you’ll find a heavy mix of trusted brands with a scattering of new players.  These products raise the bar a little higher for green products and work together in harmony.”

Nashville Building News

  • Hillsboro Village apartment project to kick off next year: “Nashville-based H.G. Hill Realty Co. announced today that it hopes to begin redevelopment of a high-profile, heavily trafficked section of Hillsboro Village in the first quarter of next year.”
  • Medical mart on schedule to open in 2014: “Despite rumors, plans to open a new medical trade mart in downtown Nashville in 2014 are still on track, according to officials.  The first of its kind medical mart will offer a one-stop shopping Mecca for the global healthcare industry.“ /li>
  • Metro offers HCA $11M tax break for new data center: “Metro Nashville will offer HCA Inc. a seven-year tax break for expanding in Nashville. HCA that includes a new data center in Antioch. The investment is to create more than 150 jobs over the next five years.” 

What type of residential roofing do you do?

This is a common question when we answer the phone.  A better question might be;  what type of roofing don’t we do?  We specialize in working on buildings that require the different, the unusual, and the unique, while not overlooking those that need maintenance, repairs or a new roof.

RD Herbert & Sons works on commercial, residential, industrial and institutional buildings.  Historical renovations have different requirements from shingle re-roofs which are completely unlike a low slope new-construction.  Your structure may have elements of all three or none of these options.  We work with you to discover your needs and how to best serve them.

Residential roofs have several roofing material options that we install.

Shingles are the most common because they are readily available for a reasonable cost with aesthetic appeal.  There are two basic styles of shingles: three-tab or dimensional made from two main materials: glass fiber or organic. Dimensional shingles can also be called Architectural or Laminated shingles.   Shingles are a low maintenance option for your roof.  Typical manufacturers warranties run from 20 years to lifetime coverage. NRCA has an advisory bulletin outlining some typical warranty conditions.

Shingle manufacturers:

Wood Shakes are a natural material that brings a lot of character to a home.  Split from western red cedar, cypress, pine or redwood logs, to create a unique, individual roof.  Cedar shakes are what we commonly install because they can be pressure treated with fire retardant & chemical preservatives to extend the lifecycle of the material.  Shakes are considered a high maintenance product due to mold, rot and insect potential problems.  Proper installation of shakes requires knowledge and skill for quality roof as this material is more complicated than shingles.

Slate is another natural material option for your home.  Color is determined by where it is quarried and changes over time depending on weathering.  “Unfading” or “permanent”  slate changes little over the years, while “weathering” or “semi-weathering” have varying degrees of color alteration.  The finished roof should only be walked upon by a trained professional to reduce the possibility of cracking the slate pieces.  This is one of the most costly products upfront but can last for over 50years.

Slate manufactures:


Clay Tile roofs are the assembly of thousands of individual tiles attached to the deck.  The variety of profiles, styles, finishes and color differs by manufacturer with the standards being; barrel, flat, and interlocking.  All the accessories necessary to complete a roof are purchased through the tile manufacturer. Tile is a low maintenance product that will not rot, burn or incur damage from insects.  It is a heavy material that can require additional support in the deck and framing. Rooftop maintenance should be done by a professional to not damage the tiles.  Tile is one of the costliest roofing materials.

Clay Tile manufacturers:


Metal roofs can be installed on both low-slope or steep slope conditions.  Flat lock roofs are ideal for slopes less than 3” per foot because each panel is locked into the next and then soldered or welded together.  Steep slope roof systems have three general categories: architectural metal panels, structural metal panels and metal shingles.  Architectural metal panels, also known as standing seam panels, are designed to shed water rapidly.  Structural metal panels have a more industrial or agricultural profile.  Metal shingles offer the look of tile, shingle, or slate with less weight.  Metal roofs are low maintenance, durable, fire resistant and recyclable. A professional sheet metal company should install these roofs so they are installed correctly.

Metal panel, sheets & coil manufacturers:


Stone coated steel & metal shingle manufacturers

Low-Slope roofs are not common on residential homes. Single-ply, modified bitumen, and built-up roofs are the three basic systems.  Single-ply comes in either EPDM, TPO and PVC membranes.  Modified bitumen applies in two layers of membrane.  Built-up is multiple layers adhered together with hot asphalt.  We do recommend that if your home needs a flat roof to contact a contractor who is in good standing with the manufacturers of the system.  Often we are asked to fix single ply roofs installed by companies who typically install shingles.

Low-Slope manufacturers:


Green roofs are installed over low sloped roofs or waterproofing.  Drainage mat is engineered to contain moisture or wick it away from the roots.  Specialized growth media is required to ensure that the plants can propagate and get the nutrients necessary.  Using native or regional plants helps reduce watering during the summer months.  Plants are installed either individually or in pre-grown trays.  One benefit green roofs offer is added insulation value.

Green Roof Manufactures:


Hiring a Contractor in TN

Have you ever wondered, “Where do I start when I need to hire a contractor?”

One of your best resources is your state website.  Tennessee offers a free PDF specifically about Verifying and Selecting Home Contractors.  We have had quite a few nasty thunderstorms move through our area and with storms, come storm chasers. also has lists of contractors who have their licenses revoked, problem contractors, or are under disciplinary action. Additionally, you can search by contractor to find their license information (RD Herbert & Sons).

The Better Business Bureau of TN allows you to check out a business by category (roofing contractor) or by name (RD Herbert & Sons).  Business are not required to be accredited by the BBB, however they are still graded and complaints are tracked and listed.

Before hiring a roofing contractor, letting your fingers “walk” these sites on the internet will save you headaches down the road.

Merry Christmas!

RDH Christmas Card

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Metal Roofs: Benefits

If you are looking for a long term, low maintenance, eco-friendly, solution for your roof consider metal. Metal roofing products cost more than traditional asphalt shingles, but they also last two to three times longer. The upfront cost is two-fold, first in a premium material and second it takes a higher skill set for installation.  When considering a re-roof option, know that metal roofs weigh about a third of shingles and can be placed over existing shingles thereby reducing tear-off cost and landfill debris. Most steel manufacturers use a minimum of 25% of recycled content in the fabrication of their panels and even if the home is torn down in the future, a metal roof can be salvaged and recycled. 

 Corrugated Panels Standing Seam Panels

Offering multiple options in style, material and color, metal is an attractive alternative to shingles. Typically, steep-sloped roof styles are interlocking standing seam panels, exposed fastener panels or metal shingles.  Low slope roofs receive flat lock panels or standing seam panels. Standing-seam panels (above and below right) are long, narrow panels that often run the full length of the roof. These are suitable for both steep-slope or low-slope applications when machine seamed or sealant applied at the seams to ensure water-tightness.  Sheet metal panels (above left) offer a wider variety of profiles, sizes and thicknesses but are typically installed with exposed fasteners that may rust over time. Inspections require closely looking at the fasteners since they degrade at a faster rate than the panels.  Interlocking metal tiles are an attractive option however, are easily crushed if a technician walks on them.  Flat-Lock panels (below left) are ideal for low-sloped roofs because each interlocking panel is soldered creating a monolithic finished surface. 

image image

Material options for metal roofs vary from steel to aluminum to copper or Rheinzink.  Steel typically is the least expensive with aluminum a step higher and finally copper and Rheinzink are the top of the cost scale. 

Copper and Rheinzink attract people with their natural colors and copper ages over time turning from bright to green. Color selection on steel and aluminum varies from white to dark and most manufacturers have a selection of “cool colors” that quality for Energy Star solar reflectivity criteria. Daniel_01 Colors such as this Colonial Red roof are included even though it is not considered a light color. Solar reflectance measures the amount of solar energy immediately reflected from the surface.  Energy not deflected is absorbed by the panels and released after the sun goes down.  Cool metal roofing contributes to reducing a building’s annual energy consumption by having a lower surface temperature than dark asphalt roofs.  Buildings designed with correct amounts of insulation and ventilation further trims down the heat gain into the attic or living space below the roof. 

Whitland_01The eco-friendly benefits of metal include longevity, rainwater harvesting, and potential for solar panel attachment.  As a testament to the lifespan of a metal roof, this Nashville residence, built in 1931, has the original 5,000-square-foot standing-seam roof  that we have coated at least three times.  Coatings extend the life of the roof an additional 10-15 years depending on maintenance. 

Metal is the most commonly used surface to collect rainwater due to reduced algae, mold, moss or pathogens.  Steep-sloped metal roofs have a slicker surface making it harder for dust and debris to remain on the surface.  This makes annual cleaning unnecessary.  Metal roofs have a “collection efficiency” of about 95% while asphalt roofs average 85%.  Copper roofs do present a concern if you are intending to drink the harvested water, test to be sure that the copper levels are not too high.  All rainwater should be filtered and possibly tested for lead and other contaminants prior to use as drinking water.  For additional information on rainwater harvesting check out Brad Lancaster’s site.

Solar panels or photovoltaics (PV) convert sunlight to electricity.  Lightweight and flexible, amorphous silicon PV systems can be produced in a thin film able to be adhered between the ribs of standing-seam roofs.  Integrating into the design of the building while silently transferring energy without the boxy look traditional solar panels.  Serving as both roofing and energy provider can offer savings in electricity, reduction of fossil fuel use while adding architectural interest to the building.

Recapping, having a metal roof offers many benefits to homeowners and building owners: Longevity, solar reflectivity and PV conversion, rainwater collection, aesthetic, style and material options to fit the building. 

Wanting more information?

RDH News: Architectural Sheet Metal Superintendent

Eddie Leonard, Arch SM Superintendent

Eddie Leonard, Architectural Sheet Metal Superintendent

Eddie Leonard,

Architectural Sheet Metal Superintendent,

Eddie’s sheet metal knowledge extends over 18 years with RD Herbert.  He spent 4 years as a sheet metal apprentice through the Local Sheet Metal Union # 177.  As crew journeyman for 7 years, he gained experience with quality control, workmanship and managing personalities. These skills translated to his current position of Architectural Sheet Metal Superintendent which he’s held for 5 years.

His general duties include scheduling sheet metal crews, organization and management of labor force, employment and dismissals of workers, training new apprentices, monitoring job-site safety, quality of workmanship, and warranty requirements, and maintaining and replacing necessary equipment and tools.

Achievements & Associations:

  • OSHA 30 Certified
  • CPR Certified

Feel free to contact him:

Eddie Leonard's Card

Eddie Leonard's Card

Project Gallery: Single-Ply Roof Systems

As one of the first to embrace the technology in the late 1970’s, we continue to install and maintain EPDM, PVC, and TPO low-slope roof systems. We have installed 14,832,759 square feet of Carlisle Single-Ply roofing since 1980 on residential and commercial buildings.
Projects included from Commercial, Residential, Green Roof, Architectural Sheet Metal.  For more information on a certain project, click on the photo to link to our website for additional photos.


Black Fox Elementary School

Carlisle EPDM Roof @ Black Fox Elementary School – Murfreesboro, TN

Montgomery Central High School

Carlisle TPO Roof @ Montgomery Central High School – Cunningham, TN

GracePointe Church

Duro-Last PVC Roof @ GracePointe Church – Franklin, TN


Carlisle EPDM Roof @ MTSU College of Education & Behavioral Science – Murfreesboro, TN

Central Wastewater Treatment Plant – Nashville, TN

Carlisle EPDM Roof @ Central Wastewater Treatment Plant – Nashville, TN

100 Oaks Mall: VUMC Medical Center

Carlisle TPO Roof @ 100 Oaks Mall: VUMC Medical Center – Nashville, TN


Vaughn’s Gap Residence – Nashville, TN

Carlisle TPO Roof @Carlisle EPDM Roof @ Swift Road Residence – Greenbrier, TN

GracePointe Church

Duro-Last PVC Roof @ GracePointe Church – Franklin, TN

Green Roof

RD Herbert & Sons Building

Carlisle EPDM Roof @ RD Herbert & Sons Building – Nashville, TN

Hillsboro Road Residence

Carlisle TPO Roof @ Hillsboro Road Residence – Nashville, TN

RDH News: Chief Estimator

Daniel Kelly, Chief Estimator

Daniel Kelly, Chief Estimator

Daniel Kelly,

Chief Estimator,

Daniel is the senior estimator at RD Herbert & Sons, overseeing and quoting projects of various sizes.  His experience in the industry spans twenty-one years with knowledge of roofing, waterproofing, sheet metal and other building envelope specialties. Past activities include volunteer work, various product fabrication and installation, and project management.  He worked as a laborer then managed a field crew before moving up into project management and estimating.  Perspective and understanding of the installation side of a job is invaluable when preparing budgets and scheduling.  Daniel’s skills are utilized on a wide variety of  building types including industrial, commercial, residential, government and environmental.

Daily job duties include sales and estimating, design and specification, supervision, approving submittals and work orders and developing and maintaining new and existing relationships with building owners, homeowners and General Contractors.

Feel free to contact him:

Daniel Kelly's Card

Daniel Kelly's Card

RDH News: Roofing Estimator

Steve Righter

Steve Righter: Estimator

Steve Righter,

Roofing Estimator,

Over the last thirty years, Steve held many titles including roofing installer, foreman and estimator.  He also owned his own roofing business for twenty-three years in Chattanooga prior to joining our firm as an estimator in 2007.  He has a Bachelors of Religious Education from Tennessee Temple University.

His overall estimating duties include sales and estimating, design and specification, supervision, approving submittals and work orders and developing and maintaining new and existing relationships with building owners, homeowners and General Contractors.

Achievements & Associations:

  • Tennessee Residential Building License-2004
  • Continuing Education Credit for Building License.
  • CPR Certified

Feel free to contact him:

Steve Righter Card

Steve Righter Card

RDH News: Roofing Superintendent

John Kubic: Roofing Superintendent

John Kubic: Roofing Superintendent

John Kubic,

Roofing Superintendent,

John has fifteen years in the roofing industry, the last ten years employed at RD Herbert.  He enlisted in the US Navy after high school and joined the NMCB-7 construction battalion. Okinawa, Alaska,  Bahrain and Puerto Rico are some of the areas where he spent four years building around the world.  Five years ago, John moved up to project management and for two years he led the company’s safety program.

He briefly moved his family to Colorado last year and spent his time Project Managing Government roofing projects on over nine million dollars of Garland Built-up products. Returning to Tennessee this spring, he rejoined our work force as Roofing Superintendent.

His overall project coordination duties include job cost management, liaison between estimating team and building owners and General Contractors, scheduling, delivery coordination and reviewing progress of jobs on-site. Other duties include scheduling   roofing crews, organization and management of workforce, employment and dismissals of workers, training new hires, monitoring job-site safety, quality of workmanship, and warranty requirements, maintaining and replacing necessary equipment and tools, and monitoring daily weather.

Achievements & Associations:

  • OSHA 500 Certified
  • Safety Coordinator & Trainer
  • Project Management Training through Associated Builders and Contractors
  • Soprema Roofing Knowledge and Design Training
  • Continuing Education Credit for Time Management and  Organization.
  • Colorado Licensed Supervisor
  • ICC Contractor Certification for the roofing industry

Feel free to contact him:

John Kubic

John Kubic Card

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