Steel : Sheet :: Custom Sheet Metal


  • Sheet: Available in 20-14 gauge with selected finishes for selected gauges.


Paint Grip

Paint Grip



Hot Rolled

Hot Rolled

Cold Rolled

Cold Rolled

  • Paint Grip  is galvanized steel that is processed through a phosphate bath. This provides a corrosion inhibiting, crystalline zinc phosphate surface perfect for adhesion of paint.  The characteristic dull gray color serves as a primer for painting.
  • Galvanized Hot-dipped in molten zinc which solidifies on the surface of the steel sheet causing suppression of normal zinc crystallization, creating fine crystals. This forms a physical barrier against corrosion.  Galvanized steel contracts 1/2 as much as steel.  The surface is flat and has a fine appearance after painting. Paintability is superior to regular spangle products.
  • Hot Rolled Acid pickling removes mill oxide, improving surface appearance, uniformity and finishing quality. Paint and enamel adhere well after cleaning.
  • Cold Rolled occurs with the metal below its recrystallization temperature (usually at room temperature), which increases the strength via strain hardening up to 20%. It also improves the surface finish and holds tighter tolerances. Commonly cold-rolled products include sheets, strips, bars, and rods; these products are usually smaller than the same products that are hot rolled.

Other  Materials & Finishes

Stainless Steel




  • Sheet
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